Who We Are

Our teachers  and staff are passionate about your child's educational  growth and we are dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing environment that cultivates confidence and self-esteem. 

We form a strong partnership with you and the community to ensure the best learning environment for your child and we have open communication opportunities to understand your child's unique needs. 

We devote time and resources to enhancing our training and we encourage our staff to continue developing and maintaining their educational credentials. 

At the Daniel Center we aspire to: .

  • To help children become more proficient in math, science and technology; and to prepare and motivate them to pursue a post-high school education.

  • Reduce the impact at-risk  and socio-economically disadvantaged children experience in the fields of math and science,  

  • Introduce  our students  to the immense opportunities in STEM-based careers through a curriculum that is activity driven, inquiry based, lively and fun.  

  • Provide our Child Care Center students with a great start and finish to every day, 

  • Provide an after-school and summer/track-out program that narrows the education gap for at risk, and economically disadvantaged children.

  • Provide continued leadership and mentoring support to our college-entry students.

  • Promote an environment that will equip and spring-board our students onto a path to secure careers that will pay sustainable, livable, wages. 

  • Endeavor to envision our students as the success they will become.


 The Daniel Center is

  • a non-profit organization which provides year-round STEM education enhancement for at risk and economically disadvantaged children 

  • a licensed after school and full day summer/track out child care center, and  

  • has earned and maintains a Five-Star rated Child Care Center. 


Our Staff


                           Keturah White

                     Program Administrator

                        Pamela McCullers

                 Program Coordinator/Teacher

                             Kirby Jones 

                           Executive Director

                         Pauline Williams

                           Assistant Teacher

                         Maureen Gupton 




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