About Us

There is a known gap in math and science education between American children, and children from many other industrialized nations. When at risk, and socio-economically disadvantaged children are examined as an isolated group, the gap is overwhelming. Our mission is to help children become more proficient in math, science and technology; and to prepare and motivate them to pursue a post-high school education. The Daniel Center for Math and Science is an after school and summer/track out program that seeks to narrow the education gap for at risk, and economically disadvantaged children. Our program consists of two components. The first is ages 5-12. This component exists within the framework of a licensed school age childcare facility. Our second component is our teen “Smart Is What’s Up!” program. When students age out of childcare, they transition into our teen programming, which focuses on academic tutoring, college-readiness, career exploration, and life skills. The Daniel Center introduces children to the immense opportunities in STEM-based careers through a curriculum that is activity driven, inquiry based, lively and fun.