Our Partners

What Makes The Daniel Center Unique

Strategic alliances are what make The Daniel Center for Math and Science so distinctive. Collaboration with the following organizations/groups is what ensures students in our program receive an effective and unique learning experience.

Wake County Public Schools

Our program uses creative and proven teaching techniques based on the curriculum currently employed by the Wake County Public School System. This ensures that our teaching focuses on areas that will make a positive impact on our children's performance in school. We currently are working with students from these schools in the Raleigh area:

Conn Elementary Bugg Elementary
Carnege Middle School Washington Elementary
Moore-Square Middle School Poe Elementary
Ligon Middle School Barwell Elementary
Wake Young Men's Leadership Academy Walnut Creek Elementary
Powell Elementary PreEminent Charter School

Local Colleges and Universities

In addition to qualified teachers on staff, our program utilizes young adult volunteers already pursuing a college education. This interaction provides our children with positive role models from college and university settings, and may encourage them to want to pursue the same.

The Daniel Center currently houses volunteers from:

  • NC State University
  • St. Augustine College 

Private Industry

Education is not just academic. A solid education must include experience and exposure. We collaborate with companies from the finance, scientific and technology sectors to provide hands on, real world opportunities for our children. By directly participating in our classrooms, and by providing opportunities for our children to visit their businesses, these companies are invaluable to our mission.

Child Care Services Association

In cooperation with the Child Care Services Association, The Daniel Center provides the highest quality childcare services possible. The Daniel Center is a 5-star program that complies with all childcare licensing requirements for its facilities and staff. This ensures our students and their families a safe, convenient and fun childcare experience that is second to none. The NC Division of Child Development through the NCCCR&R Council funds Child Care Services Association.